Gold, Unlike Any Other Asset, Performs
Two Critical Functions in Your Portfolio:

It’s an Investment.

Gold, especially now, is poised for possible dramatic appreciation in value. Ravenous demand in China and India is putting increasing upward pressure on prices.

Big banks, billionaires and governments are stockpiling gold, further putting the squeeze on global supplies.

And according to one usually reserved Forbes financial writer, gold now presents “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

It’s Protection.

Gold is your hedge against global terrorism, wars and trade wars threatening us at this very moment.

It’s your safeguard against political gridlock, corruption and government’s inability to lead.

And it’s your protection in the event of another financial disaster like 2001 and 2008, when paper assets disintegrated and gold rocketed to extraordinary heights.

If you don’t hold any gold, there’s no better time to acquire it than now, when it’s poised to resume its more than 300% climb over the past 15 years. Don’t delay.